Know thy selfie

Friday, February 5th, 2016
  • Narcissus

    I was stopped at a red light on my bicycle when I spotted this girl standing on the street taking a selfie. As I waited for the light to change I watched her as she stood pigeon-toed tilting her head one way, then smiling, then tilting her head another way, smiling again, and on and on. Different smiles were tried, different pouts, different eyebrow positions, and on and on.

    The light changed to green but I didn’t move because I was now curious to see just how long she would stand there posing for her selfie. She didn’t notice me across the road, she didn’t notice anything that was happening around her. Eventually, she appeared to stop, lowering her phone and taking a few steps while still thumbing at the screen. Then she stopped again and just a few steps away from where she resumed the selfie session.

    The traffic light changed back to red, then green again, then red once more, and still, she was lost in her own intimate moment, looking at her phone that was of course looking back at her with the same infatuation.