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  • Let me start by introducing you to these people. From the left we have Kat, Madeleine, Mike, Phong, Frankie, Aveen, Dorina, Ember, Andy, and Marie. As group photos go I’ll admit, this one is not exactly going to win any awards, but given the day I had, it’s not that bad!

    So my good friend Aveen (seen in the middle of the picture wearing red) had organised a weekend away for us all at the Mornington Peninsula. The trip included a hike in the morning, then some beach fun in the afternoon, before dinner and drinks in the evening. At least that’s what it included for everyone but me.

    Unfortunately, I got horribly car-sick very early in the day as we drove out to Mornington Peninsula. It came out of nowhere and badly effected me. After that I was unable to do the hike or anything else, so instead I stayed in the car and pretty much just passed out.

    After their hike my friends returned to the cars expecting to find me feeling a little more lively. The problem was as the morning went on the Australian summer sun began to heat the car to quite unbearable levels. I awoke feeling extremely hot, thirsty, and worse than before. I had now added dehydration to the sickness I was already experiencing.

    We drove to the house we were to stay at that night, and I again just passed out. Everyone went out to the beach and apparently they saw all kinds of fantastic wildlife including 2 echidnas, some kangaroos, a snake, and even a small shark swimming near the beach! I missed out.

    Upon returning from the beach everyone pitched in to prepare a great evening meal, so I got out of bed to join them and to try and eat something. I wasn’t up for long, but long enough to take this rather bad picture of everyone. After snapping this shot I went and lay on a couch and pretty much didn’t move until I went to bed again!

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to fully enjoy this time with friends, but I will say that I was touched by how much they all looked after me. Thanks guys!

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