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  • My day was a little surreal. There is no story, just a series of moments that were weird, wonderful, crazy and strange. I’m just going to list them.

    1. I saw a gentleman, lets say ‘enjoying the company of a lady’ who was on her knees in broad daylight on a sidewalk near where I live in Richmond, Melbourne! I was on my bike taking a shortcut down a side road, but this was not some seedy back alley, it was a road with regular houses and parked cars. I actually had to ride around the couple who seemed relatively unfazed by my sudden appearance. As I did the ‘lady’ stood up and said “Hi,” with a little wave of her hand too. I said hello back and kept riding.
    2.  A young guy in his 20’s walked passed me wearing a Phil Collins t-shirt.
    3. While on Hosier Lane, a Melbourne laneway famous for its hectic and ever-changing graffiti, I saw a beautiful woman wearing a spectacular cocktail dress that left very little to the imagination. She was walking along with a couple of friends looking at the graffiti while just about everyone else was looking at her, and I think maybe she knew that too.
    4. I rode down Swanston Street and ran into Alejandro the magician from yesterday, so I stopped to say hello. He was taking a quick break from his street performance and while we chatted an young guy walked up to me with my sunglasses in his outstretched hand. I had dropped them by accident and failed to hear him calling after me, so he had run after me to return them! Alejandro said “You see, people in this city are so great aren’t they!” Absolutely they are. I love this city!
    5. Just a few minutes after this, a man with no trousers on crossed the road in front of me! He didn’t seem to be crazy, but he looked very angry. He was wearing briefs, sneakers, a t-shirt and a backpack and was walking at a speed that looked like he was trying not to run, perhaps because people might wonder why a man with no trousers was running through the city? It was clearly a “where the fuck are my trousers” day for him, and as I rode on I wondered what circumstances had lead up to this trouserless moment for him.
    6. After buying a nice bottle of Shiraz I met an Italian cook taking a cigarette break next to my parked bike. He asked to look at the bottle of wine (Arrogant Frog) then proceeded to tell me how best to enjoy it, including giving me a detailed recipe for home made mayonese. It seemed to delight him to talk about the food, and it made me hungry for sure.

    This is a colorful city indeed.

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