Tennis time

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  • Australian Tennis Open
  • A TV cameraman focuses in on Russian tennis player Elizaveta Kulichkova as she powers toward a victory over Romania’s Monica Niculescu on day three of the 2016 Australian Open tennis tournament.

    Coming to the Australian Open here in Melbourne is something of a tradition for me. It’s a major sporting event happening just a few minutes bikes ride from my front door, so I enjoy sitting among the fans who collectively cheer and gasp with each thrilling twist of the games.

    I have almost no understanding of how the scoring works, and to be fair, I don’t really care to know. For me it’s not about the sport but the atmosphere of being in a large crowd getting swept along with the excitement. I caught a few other games including the dramatic match where Australian Nick Kyrgios beat Uruguayan Paolo Cuevas much to the delight of excited local fans.

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  • One comment on “Tennis time

    1. I am amazed at the number of people who do t understand tennis. It’s a pretty straightforward game.

      Now cricket, or American football, now they’re confusing games

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