Off camber

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  • Coffee on a wall?
  • I love cafe hoping! It’s one of my favorite things to do in Melbourne, and in the busy city centre my cafe of choice is always ‘Little Rogue,’ a small cafe tucked away on a laneway just a minutes walk from the State Library.’

    Run by Leo Lee and Calvin Ko, this stylish coffee hideaway has a great atmosphere where regulars often chat with one another and the staff. The coffee cup stuck to the wall outside is something of a clue to the ‘off camber’ approach to the cafe culture the whole crew there have. It feels more like a friends place than a busy city centre cafe in this city that is often snobby about its coffee heritage. I love the fact that when I go there they don’t ask me for my order, I just say ‘Hi,’ take a seat and a cappuccino appears a few moments later.

    Walk passed the cafe yourself using Google street view.

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