May the bass be with you

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  • Darth Basser
  • Usually I like to tell you a story about the picture. In this case I’d love to tell you the name of Lord Vader when he’s not playing funky tunes on his bass guitar or leading the Empire’s eradication of the Jedi Order.

    The thing is, I can’t tell you anything about this unconventional Sith Lord because when I took this picture I was feeling rather ‘jolly’ having spent much of the day in the sun at a picnic in a park celebrating my friend Madeleine’s 30th birthday.

    Fruit salads, cheese, and a variety of dips were on offer, as to was wine and beer. The food was, of course lovely, but its fair to say that the wine and beer had gone down a little easier. So as the shadows stretched across the grass the afternoon morphed into evening, the crowd shrank to a select few of us who formed a rebel alliance to squeeze every last ray from the sun in the same way we poured every last drop of red wine into our plastic ‘glasses.’

    So on a trip to the nearby Imax theatre to use their facilities, I snapped this picture and watched as ‘Darth’ strummed and strutted at the door of the theatre in front of smart phone wielding movie-goers. No doubt many of them posted pictures of him on facebook and Instagram with clever lines about Darth Vader not being in the latest Start Wars film because he apparently has taken up busking in Melbourne.

    So that’s it. No story, just a lot of Shiraz, cheese, pesto dip, and then more Shiraz because it’s summer and I’ve discovered if you drink a lot of coconut water before you head to bed you will not find yourself on ‘the dark side’ when you wake up the next morning! (That’s a good tip, believe me!)

    Stand here yourself using Google street view.

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    Thanks to Bruce at Little Rogue for the title of this post!

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