No trivial task

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016
  • Trivia Goh and the Little India Mural

    Singaporean artist Trivia Goh stands beside a small part of a large wall in Little India that she and a group of fellow artists are painting. The piece, which stretches from the floor to the roof of the two-story building, celebrates the heritage of Little India and recognizes some of the area’s traditional trades.

    Along with fellow artists Fish Jaafar Psyfool, and Izzad, Trivia has been working hard on the mural for 5 days. Under contract from the city, the artists have a further 10 days to complete the artwork.

    Having graduated from the School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University in August, Trivia tells me that she’s been busy doing corporate illustrations and logos, but her passion is really art.

    “A lot of people were looking for a full-time job but I wanted to be an artist, so I thought I should just be an artist right now,” she tells me.

    Fish and Trivia both have names that seem entirely fitting for artists, but I was surprised to learn that Trivia is actually her real name.

    “I love my name,” she tells me with a big smile that I suspect rarely leaves her face. Her genuinely charming personality is clearly as bright as the colors that surround her. “I searched on Facebook and I think there are, like, two other people with that name. It’s a unisex name.”

    The giant yet-to-be-finished wall looms large behind her petite frame but the scale of the task ahead doesn’t phase her at all. Perhaps this is in part because of the meaning she tells me her mother had given to her name.

    “It means whatever is big will come to me and it will be small so I can overcome anything. So I tend to look at everything as a little thing. I think that’s good because it’s always the little things that matter. So a lot of my art is about the little things too,” she explains.

    Check out Trivia’s Instagram too, where I hope she’ll post a picture of the finish work. You might also like to see the (unpainted) wall on Google Street view.