The 17th floor

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016
  • Getting some perspective

    I’m staying at a friend’s apartment in Punggol, Singapore where I am constantly getting lost because everything looks the same. His apartment is fantastic, with a modern design, gadgets aplenty, and even a bomb shelter (because Singapore is always being bombed?). However, in this ever-expanding neighborhood of new apartment blocks, the uniform high-rise homes are as featured and recognizable to me as the walls of a maze.

    Of course, familiarity would probably dispel much of my geo-confusion here, but so far I have twice taken the lift to his 17th-floor apartment only to find that I’m in the wrong tower!

    So while it might not be the most beautiful photograph ever taken, today’s picture is shot leaning over the wall of that 17th floor, looking down at a discarded cardboard box left on the ground floor. It is perhaps a temporary landmark that could, for a moment at least, set that corner apart from all of the other corners that look exactly the same, making it less confusing for an unfamiliar person like me who finds themselves lost once again in this maze of concrete repetition and confusing white walls.