Pulling strings

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

  • It’s a beautiful summer Sunday in Wellington, New Zealand, and Anna Bailey, along with her puppet, Evaline, are busking at the busy Harbour Side Market. With a little help from 28 year-old Anna, Evaline, had spent some time in the sun doing 5 minute portraits of children while crowds looked on, marvelling at the duos skills.

    Surprisingly, Anna has only been a puppeteer for little more than three years. She became interested in the craft while she was Au Pairing in Italy. Puppetry quickly captured her imagination and before long she was living with an Italian puppetry family and working at their recently opened theatre, Teatro Del Lavoro, in Pinerolo. She spent eight months learning about various forms of puppetry, and in that time was helped to make and move her first marionette. Since then Anna and her puppets have toured across China and Europe busking and performing at festivals.