In plain sight

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

  • It’s sometimes a challenge to find a suitable picture for the day. There are times, like today, when poor weather makes the prospect of going outside seriously unappealing, and the light indoors is dreary and uninspiring. It’s on these rather vapid days when my mantra of ‘find something beautiful, in your day, every day’ is especially tested. However, this is one of the things I have most enjoyed about doing 366 pictures; the fact that I am sometimes forced to seek out the beautiful, the interesting, and the unusual. I am pushed to examine the world around me that little bit closer, and to see things differently.

    Someone asked me if spending a year taking pictures would lead me to become too engrossed in the photography and therefore removed from the actual experience of being in the moment. It was a fair question, and one that I hazard that I was aware of. However, it very quickly became clear to me that quite the opposite was true.

    Doing 366 pictures has forced me to examine the world around me much closer, and to engage with it and the people in it a great deal more than I ever did. I honestly didn’t think that was possible, but then again, while it might not be worthy of any award, I doubt I would have taken the time to stop and examine the shadow of a bike in the rain before this year (it’s upside-down by the way). It’s not that I didn’t see these things before, it’s just that I never gave myself the time to enjoy them. Now I do, and I like that a lot.

    2012 is drawing to an end soon as so is 366 pictures. I’ll return to blogging at before i forget next year, and will continue to post pictures and stories there. If you’ve enjoyed 366pictures please consider following me at