The joy of socks

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

  • In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving is known as black Friday, and it is the biggest shopping day of the year. The media is full of reports and images of people bursting into stores in an ugly consumer feeding frenzy after having lined up outside, sometimes overnight!

    To be honest, I find the idea of such rabid consumerism really quite unpleasant, but then I’ve never been big into shopping. The thought of clambering through crowds of people who, in some cases, behave little better than looters, sounds truly awful to me. So instead, myself and my good friend Becky, chose to spend the day relaxing, our bellies still full from the feast of the previous day. The weather was pretty grim so I knew it would be a challenge to find an interesting picture. But when we went out in search of coffee I couldn’t resist going into a cute little store called ‘The Sock Monster.’

    It wasn’t teeming with bad mannered shoppers desperately emptying the shelves, but just a few people quietly looking at the many different types of socks on offer. The owner Holly Gummelt was happy for me to take pictures. “Take ten.” She said with a smile. “If you get any good ones, send them to me.” She seemed like a fun person, and I suppose it takes a fun person to own a colorful sock shop.

    My favorite kind were the striped ones. I don’t think I’ll be wearing a pair anytime soon, but I could be persuaded to try those funny ones with the toes.

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