Monday, November 26th, 2012

  • In the village of Kenwood, California, locally grown olives await cleaning in preparation to become another batch of unbelievably flavorful olive oil from Figone’s of California Olive Oil Company.

    In the heart of the Sonoma Valley wine country, this small family owned business make a highly sought after selection of olive oils of surprisingly different flavors. I was lucky enough to taste one of their extra-virgin olive oils right off the mill today when owner, Frank Figone, proudly showed me how the olive oil is made.

    Visitors to the mill/shop can sample the various oils and vinegars available in the same way as one might sample wines at any of the various local vineyards. The oils include limited releases and popular favorites like the ‘Traditional California Blend’ that, according to their website, has a sweet, butter flavor, with scents of apple and freshly cut grass. If that description doesn’t make you want to try some then I don’t know what would.