Desolate isolation

Friday, November 16th, 2012

  • This is Graves Lighthouse. It stands on the edge of Boston Harbor upon rocky ledges known as ‘The Graves.’ Built just over 100 years ago, it’s still an active lighthouse today, however, these days it’s fully automated and powered by solar energy.

    Of course, I didn’t know that when I took the picture from the window seat of the plane I was in. Having just left Boston’s Logan airport, I was looking out of the window, hoping to get a clear view of the city as the plane climbed to the clouds. I took the picture of the lighthouse simply because my camera was at the ready, and my finger was on the shutter.

    In truth, by the time the plane reached Seattle I had already chosen another picture for today. I didn’t think there would be any usable shots from the flight, but as I quickly reviewed them this picture presented itself. For me this photograph stirs my imagination. It creates visions of endless battles between this lonely lighthouse and the relentless fury of the wild Atlantic ocean that wants nothing more than to knock it down.