Saturday, October 27th, 2012

  • This is Guggler, and when I was a little kid this was one of my favorite toys. I was reunited with Guggler today while visiting my parents. They’ve been clearing out their attic and came across old Gugler then.

    Guggler isn’t his official name, but rather what I called this Fisher Price ‘Jack-in-a-box.’ It’s not clear where that name came from, though I suspect I thought that he looked like a circus Juggler and was not able to say that word properly at the time.

    He’s not in the best condition, which doesn’t surprise me because I was pretty hard on my toys, a trait that hasn’t really changed that much over the years. Originally he would be compressed into the box under a lid. Upon pressing the button on the front of the box the lid would pop open and he would jump up and make a loud squeaking noise.

    Looking at Guggler today he seems pretty creepy to me. His face and awful squeeking seems more disturbing than fun, but I was never scared of him, in fact quite the opposite is true, and that is why my parents kept hold of old Guggler all these years.

    (Click here to see Gugler in action)