English farmhouse

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  • Squawking Geese sit in the garden of an English farmhouse. My presence causes something of a stir among them and several stands up and start making their way over to me squawking loudly in a way that didn’t seem all that friendly. I didn’t hand around to see if I had misread them.

  • 5 comments on “English farmhouse

    1. Hello Simon. I lost the little card you gave to me but found it this evening in my coat pocket. I remember you are a charming man so I look at the internet for this and see you have taken many beautiful pictures. Thank you for coming to Korea! I am happy that you like so much as you tell me.

    2. this picture be quiet!
      you have left the mysterious orient .I hope, after this trip, you are able to tell me the difference between Asian and European

    3. i a;so see a rooster in the yard… it is nice to be in the farm house! I am imagining that in a farm house there should also be different vegetables in the backyard. For sure. it is different setting in UK and in Asia. It is nice to see this kind of farm house… i still feel the autumn because of the colors!

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