Big phone

Friday, October 12th, 2012

  • My camera developed a terminal fault yesterday in the form of a ‘lens error.’ I only got it in March, but now the lens on my Canon G12 won’t retract and this problem has basically turned the device into little more than scrap metal. Yes it is covered by a warranty – in Malaysia, which is about as much use to me now as airbags on a motorbike.

    So today I am using the old Canon G10 which fortunately I held on to ‘just in case’ and despite the fact that my luggage seems to weigh the same as the Popemobile. Seriously, I think I might be unwittingly smuggling someone’s gold, or maybe the Pope? It’s either that or the frame of my case is made from lead! In an effort to shed weight, I’ve been discarding clothes since I left Malaysia in March and I’m pretty much down to the bare necessities now, yet somehow the case seems to be getting heavier! I think physics might be exacting some kind of vengeance on me for all those times I called it “boring” when I was at school.

    Hauling my cumbersome, broken-wheeled luggage all over Asia makes me think that maybe there is a gap in the market for power-assisted luggage; a case that has a small motor to power the wheels and assist you on those difficult inclines. That’s a good idea, right? How about adjustable wheels too, with different sizes and tire pressures for different terrains. Surely I can’t be the only person to thinks that sounds like a handy and practical enhancement to the world of luggage?

    Anyway, all that has nothing to do with the fact that today’s picture is a building that looks like a great giant phone. I’d say something deeper, but it’s a phone building, what more could I really say?