Sound and fury

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

  • Bruno Senna speeds along the streets of Singapore in his Williams FW34 Formula One race car. Under the night sky and more than 1,600 flood lights, Senna and 23 other drivers thrill a sell out crowd who have flocked to the Marina Bay street circuit in the city to watch the Formula One event as well as the many concerts being held over the course of the weekend.

    The Singapore Grand Prix is the only night race on the Formula One calendar. However, despite the late hour the entire Grand Prix race weekend is the hottest in the 20 race long season.

    As an F1 fan, I love the fact that you can get so close to the cars on track, that you can smell their burnt fuel and brake dust, feel the fury of the engines, and even see the whites of the drivers eyes! The cars look amazing under the lights and the ear-shattering sounds of the engines ricochet around the city at unimaginable levels. Nowhere else in the world do you have a chance to get so close to the cars as they race for glory in the Grand Prix.

    Thanks to my friend Mitch, I had a ticket, but unlike the rest of the races, there are plenty of places around the Singapore street circuit from which people without a ticket can catch a glimpse of the cars. Indeed, this picture was taken from the swimming pool area of one of my favorite Singapore hotels that I’ve been crashing again this year to have this stunning view (and use their wonderful pool and sauna!).

    Special thanks to my friend Mitch for working so hard to get me a free ticket to the weekends events. Formula One is the only sport I am passionate about and his hard work and generosity made it possible for me to enjoy this unique event in this truly spellbinding setting.