Formula fun

Friday, September 21st, 2012

  • The sound of beating drums throb in the air as the echoes of screaming Formula One race car engines fade into the Singapore night sky after the first day of practice for this weekend’s Formula One Grand Prix.

    Despite the late hour the air is hot and thick with humidity but this only seems to add to the atmosphere as The Urban Drum Crew, an animated group of drummer/performers, pound their drums to the delight of a growing crowd that stops to watch the unfolding spectacle. Their highly charged performance is captivating as they beat large drums underlit with different colored lights and soaked in water to give something of a firework effect to their every strike.

    A group of costumed dancers join the fun and increase the street party atmosphere as they bounce and girate to the thumping rhythm in the air. The girls, along with a guy dressed as Austin Powers, motion to the crowds to join them dancing in the street, and while I’m not really much of a dancer, this is one of those moments you have to just do it! So I jump in, camera furiously shooting away randomly, as I flail around in abandoned delight at this impromptu scene of high spirits that seems to have come from nowhere.