Along the way

Friday, September 7th, 2012

  • I was taking a bus to Mong Kok on Kowloon peninsula where I would take photographs of the brightly colored neon signs that visually bombard visitors to the areas busy shops and street market. The neon signs along Fa Yuen Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street South flicker and flash a mixture of Chinese script and English text advertising everything from electronics to food, and haircuts to hookers. It’s a vibrant place that is always swarmed by crowds that slowly flow like lava through the congested market lanes and alongside streets of frantic traffic.

    I had in mind a vivid photograph of those neon signs that I felt sure would make a great picture for today. On the bus to Mong Kok I snapped a few ‘throw away’ pictures from the top deck as it made its way deeper into the neon glow of Kowloon’s night time nerve center. They were just experiments, snaps taken with little thought or set up, but as so often happens, it was one of those ‘throw away’ pictures that had to be chosen as the ‘picture of the day.’

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