Up in the air

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

  • It’s the early hours of the morning as I leave Bali and head north on my way to the Philippines. The sun is just peering over the horizon as my plane emerges from the clouds, and the crew finish up those safety announcements that it seems nobody ever pays attention to.

    I’ve spent so long travelling over-land that to fly feels a little like cheating to me. After all, air travel isn’t really travelling at all, it’s simply changing locations as quickly as possible. Names of far away places that you might like to see come and go on the map upon which your speeding jet draws a familiar line.

    Perhaps one day I’ll make that over-land journey from Edinburgh to Melbourne that I sometimes day-dream about. But for now I’m up in the air, cheating if you will, flying to somewhere I’ve never been to before, a new place on that far away map.