Taxi cab blur

Monday, August 27th, 2012

  • I like to sleep. We all like to sleep right? But I once had a reputation for being someone who liked to get up late and go to bed late. Back then I enjoyed a very healthy and loving relationship with my bed. Perhaps inevitably that relationship came to an end in 2010. We were just going in different directions, me to Australia, the bed to land fill.

    Since then I’ve been travelling in one form or another, and I’ve laid my weary head on many an unfamiliar pillow. I’ve lived in a camper van, stayed in friends houses, couch surfed in the homes of strangers, enjoyed the odd hotel here and there, stayed in hostels and guest houses, slept on sleeper trains, and even spent a few weeks calling a bamboo hut “home.” It’s been a wild and exciting ride for sure, but there are times when I’m tired of bed hoping and I just want to find a good mattress and settle down!

    You see, when my friends, fellow travellers, and partners in grime are sleeping soundly, I’m stealing Z’s from the carton bubble above my head and instead working on my laptop preparing my picture of the day. It’s a process than can take quite some time, from choosing a picture, to preparing it for publication, then writing these words that only a handful of people find the time to read (thank you by the way). These days I’ve grown accustomed to waking up with a laptop hangover.

    How does any of this relate to a blurry picture of a speeding taxi in Hong Kong? It doesn’t really, only in so much as this was one of three pictures that I chose as potential pictures for today. None of them had a particular story or tale to tell, but each of them were colorful and worthy of the time and effort it took to prepare them for publication.

    So a simple picture of a taxi speeding down a street in Hong Kong takes it’s place among the other pictures. The story, if indeed there is one, will have to come from your imagination this time.

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