Monday, August 6th, 2012

  • It’s my first day in the Philippines and torrential rains and floods are causing chaos in the nation’s capital, Manila. It’s the rainy season here but the floods the city is experiencing are said to be worse than usual.

    Many of the cities roads have become rivers and traffic is completely chaotic as I take a taxi to the airport to catch a flight to the island of Palawan which is reputed to be the ‘Philippine’s last frontier.’

    I’ll be visiting the island with my good friend and travel buddy, Yolande, who has once again joined me for a few days. Given the chaos the capital city seems to be in, visiting the countries ‘last frontier’ might not be the smartest idea ever. However sources tell us that the rainy season there is generally less severe. I suppose in a few days we’ll know how reliable that information is.