God bless my way

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

  • ‘God bless my way’ reads the slogan above the windshield of a moto-taxi scooting along the road in the small town of Coron on the Philippine island of Palawan. Here motor-taxis are the primary form of transportation with very few other vehicles sharing the road.

    The tricycle motor-taxi is yet another interesting variation of transport I’ve taken as I’ve travelled through 2012. The vehicle, called simply a tricycle by locals, is effectively a simple frame attached to a standard motorbike. Passengers sit beside the driver, behind him on the back of the bike, and at the rear in small cabin that can easily seat two adults. Ordinarily this would mean that the vehicle can carry four passengers (as well as the driver). However, this being Asia the general rule is that any vehicle can carry as many people as can be crammed into it. I saw seven people in one tricycle today and I’m quite sure that is nowhere near record.

    The motor-taxis are a cheap way of getting around with a typical ride costing around 20 pesos. They’re often brightly painted and have slogans or family names above the windshield. It’s fair to say they’re not comfortable, but they’re cheap, fun, and readily available.