Big cheese

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

  • The San Luca canal inside Macau’s enormous Venetian hotel and resort is as impressive as it is cheesy. Lined by shops and under a painted blue sky, the canal shares many similarities to the canal at the Venetian hotel and resort in Las Vegas, even if it doesn’t share that many similarities to the Canals of Venice that inspired its creation. Visitors, guests and weary gamblers can even take expensive gondola rides accompanied by a singing gondolier.

    It is undeniably cheesy, but in this, the sixth largest building on the planet, cheesy seems to be right at home as much of the hotel is impressively styled upon the extraordinarily beautiful buildings of Venice in Italy.

    Of course, I’d rather spend time at the real Venice, but while some might find the fakery here rather shallow and soulless, I find it quite refreshing to see a building that isn’t simply another modern faceless glass tower that stands indistinguishable among its neighbors.

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