Summit sunrise

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

  • Earlier this year my friend Will and I climbed Mount Kinabalu, getting up at some ungodly hour to complete the climb to the summit to see the much hyped ‘spectacular sunrise.’ In the end, due to the atrocious weather conditions, I had to turn back within sight of the summit, and Will, who completed the climb, saw nothing but sideways rain and cloud.

    With that experience in mind I was a little apprehensive when my friend Leia suggested that we get up at a similarly offensive time and trek to the top of Mount Batur here in Bali. Nonetheless, I did indeed get up at some unholy hour and make the trek in darkness to the top of Batur, hoping that this time the weather would be on our side.

    The climb itself was a leisurely gander in comparison to the punishment of Kinabalu. But once we reached the top we found ourselves in the company of clouds, a thick white mist that seemed sure to steal yet another sunrise from us and the other people who had made the early morning hike.

    However, as the sun peeked over the horizon the mist began to clear slowly and the clouds broke rewarding our efforts with magnificent views over the now golden Lake Batur and the small town of Kintamani.

    I could have posted any one of the number of pictures I took of the glorious view, but for me this shot tells more of the story of the day. The trek, the clouds, and the sun clearing them away giving us the spectacular summit sunrise.