Luck and leaving

Friday, July 13th, 2012

  • Having failed to leave Laos yesterday I found myself in the rather characterless and dusty town of Savannakhet. After a very quick visit to the Vietnam Embassy I now have a new visa that should, if everything goes to plan, allow me to enter the country sometime tomorrow.

    I got a ticket for a night bus to the Vietnam border and shot todays picture as I walked to the bus terminal this evening.

    So as I write todays post I’m actually on the bus to the Vietnam border. It’s a local bus, overloaded with people and goods, but thankfully no obnoxiously loud music or ferocious air-conditioning.

    Indeed, the bus appears to be very well ventilated. There are two large side windows missing, gaping rust holes in most of the side body panels, and even a few significant holes in floor through which I can see the ground beneath us.

    As long as it gets me there I don’t care, I’m sure this bus has done this trip for years without too many dramas. Then again though, today is Friday the 13th!