Monday, July 16th, 2012

  • The Vietnamese flag flies above two young children playing with a kite at The Citadel in Hue. The history of the place, its story and significance means nothing to these children as they run, scream and laugh. Just out of shot other children and families are also flying kites of varying shapes and colors. Behind me the Imperial City is bathed in a warm fiery glow while shadows stretch across the ground as if trying to break free from their inescapable masters.

    I was tempted to buy a kite and have a go myself, not in an effort to relive a faded memory or moment from my childhood, but to just have that feeling where the surroundings disappear for a little while as you cast your eyes to the sky above holding the kite by a thread as if taming some wild force you cannot see or truly understand.

    Maybe I’ll get a kite somewhere along the way, fly it for a while then give it away that same evening. I think that would be cool.