Floating home

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

  • A floating house sits on the water of a Lake Langa near Da Lat in Vietnam. This was one of several floating homes occupied by the people in this small fishing community. The simple wood houses float on platforms made of bamboo. Occupants tether their houses to nearby trees and take power from batteries they have charged using small gasoline or diesel-powered generators.

    While the houses are far from luxurious, occupants do create gardens from sacks or large pots filled with earth in which they grow vegetables and herbs. Most people living within the community will have a mobile phone, and if you look closely at this picture you will even see this house has a dish for satellite TV!

    This was just one of the amazing things I saw on the second day of my motorcycle ride through the central Vietnam Highlands. Along the way I also saw elephants being used to carry tree trunks, a silkworm farm, more hillside coffee plantations, and many beautiful landscapes that I chose to just soaked up knowing that a photograph wouldn’t be able to capture the breadth of the scene in any way the communicate its true beauty.