Rex and the flying machine

Friday, June 8th, 2012

  • Dramatic new evidence unearthed in Chiang Mai throws dinosaur extinction theories into disarray.

    Scientists around the world are in shock today after the discovery of an apparent dinosaur fossil in Thailand which casts serious questions about the final chapter in the Jurassic story. The fossil appears to have captured a never before seen event in which a dinosaur apparently navigates some kind of flying machine.

    It’s thought that the flying machine could lend new weight to a previously dismissed theory that dinosaurs did not become extinct from the earth, but in fact left the planet of their own free will millions of years ago.

    Dr Dvimurdhan Abhata Jaboodiboodi a paleontologist at Panjab University and a fellow of the Dinosaur Research Institute called the discovery, “Most very very unusual thank you please.”

    Discussions are now taking place about moving the fossil from its current location on the Doi Saket road out of Chiang Mai, to a research facility where people in white coats holding clips boards will be paid to stand around looking at it for a while.