Island storm

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  • Menacing storm clouds gather just beyond the beach that stretches before my bungalow on the island of Koh Ru in Cambodia. It wasn’t long before the season lived up to its name and rain began to fall. It was still warm though, and as I’ve said before, they can’t all be sunny days.

  • 4 comments on “Island storm

    1. Is it typhoon season?
      It looks all idyllic and very beautiful, from the last few pictures. I’m glad to see these islands haven’t been ruined like they apparently have in Thailand.
      Enjoy your stay and the great changing weather! It’s awfully stormy here, not thunderstorms, just a summer version of April weather.

      • Yes it is indeed rainy season here, though it’s not really rained that much so far. Ity tends to rain in the afternoon for an hour or so, if it rains at all.

    2. It looks like the pic of one of the beaches we went at wilson’s promontory, just missing thunder here 🙂

      • It certainly does doesn’t it. I have to say the time at Wilsons Prom was far more amazing though because the rain was so static. It wasn’t long till the weather got bad on the island after that shot.

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