Another island

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

  • After spending a few days on one Cambodian island I decided to see another. My travel partner, Jade from Canada, suggested we should make our way out to Koh Ru.

    Sometimes called Bamboo Island, Koh Ru is about a one hour boat ride from the rather awful beaches of SihanoukVille which is apparently famous as the sex tourism capital of Cambodia. Those beaches were crawling with creepy old men who flock there to shamelessly spend a few days in the company of young Cambodian hookers, or ‘taxi girls’ as they’re called.

    Koh Ru is not at all like SihanoukVille. Its two long beaches are peaceful, clean and relaxing, and both are serviced by just a single bar/restaurant. Being the low season we almost have the entire island to ourselves, but even in busy periods it’s still said to be very quiet.

    The water is warm and clear and the basic beach bungalows costs just $10 (US) a night. There’s a hamock on the deck of my beach bungalow and I can watch the small fishing boats (seen in todays picture) rock gently in the water as I listen to the waves lapping the beach. After sunbathing and swimming there is practically nothing else to do here which is surely exactly what you want from an island like this.

    This post was delayed due to the fact that there was practically no internet signal on the island.