Thursday, May 24th, 2012

  • I’m not a foodie in any respect, I’m afraid that I often view food as more essential fuel than culinary wonder, but there are certain kinds of foods that I very much enjoy, and todays picture features one of those. Tom Yum soup (or Tom Yam) is an amazing hot Thai seafood soup and it is quite simply delicious!

    This evening I found myself at the decidedly local Malin Market in Chaing Mai. Having dinner was the plan but I quickly ran into the language problem when I discovered that the order yourself menu didn’t have a word of English on it, after all, why would it?

    In the end I looked over and saw someone eating something that looked nice, so I asked them (pretty much entirely in gestures) if they could mark my order form with the same meal they were eating. They very kindly did so while telling me “hot!”

    They we’re kidding either. When it was served it was, as I thought, Tom Yum soup and it was fantastically hot – just the way I like it.