More shit

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

  • Today I visited Bangkok’s Mo Chit market which in the local dialect is more or less pronounced “more shit.” (I’m not kidding!) This sprawling weekend market is popular with locals as well as tourists and traders from across the world, and as such there is a vast array of goods on offer.

    I love markets, so before I left Bangkok I had to take the opportunity to explore this vast and colorful market. In many respects it reminded me of Camden Market in London, and I suspect a lot of the items on sale here would indeed find their way to Camden at some point.

    In the past I would probably have bought quite a few items from the market, but when you have to carry your life around with you wherever you go, you soon develop a resistance to buying things. As I travel across the world I’m on a constant program to shed weight from my luggage and, while I wish I could snap up many of the bargains I find, the last thing I need is “more shit.”

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