Love therapy

Friday, May 4th, 2012

  • Nicholas and Cheryl are getting married in August and already they’re in Group Therapy. However, they’re not here to work through any issues or calm any early wedding nerves. You see Group Therapy is the name of the cafe in which they’re posing for some pre-wedding photographs.

    Group Therapy happens to be one of my favorite cafe’s here in Singapore, and this afternoon, after having just enjoyed the finest wild mushroom soup on the face of the planet, I looked over and saw these two attractive people posing in front of the counter for what appeared to be wedding pictures.

    Nobody, apart from their photographer, seemed to be paying the couple much attention, as if this kind of thing was a regular event. That puzzled me because, while I appreciate that a cafe can indeed be somewhere connections are made, it didn’t seem like an overly romantic location to me.

    Not one to shy away from a random interaction I found a suitable break in their photo session to ask a couple of questions. That’s when I learned their names and that this was part of a pre-wedding photo session ahead of their big day in August.

    I’ve seen quite a few wedding photographs here, mainly because this cafe is located in the heart of what appears to be Singapore’s wedding district, and I’ve often been impressed with how relaxed the couples always appear to be. Now I know the trick!

    Pre-wedding photographs are something of a tradition here, and while it was most certainly beautiful and elegant, the white dress that Cheryl was wearing today, won’t be the one she adorns in August. Apparently brides here have at least two wedding dresses, so on the big day Cheryl will have at least one other dress to wear.

    Nicholas told me the reason they chose Group Therapy as a location for their pre-wedding pictures was because they met in a cafe and Cheryl is something of a keen cafe hopper. Indeed, after finishing up the session at this cafe the pair were off to another one not far away for yet more pictures.

    I asked them if they would mind me using one of the pictures I took of them as today’s picture, and they both agreed. To be fair though, I’m not sure they even heard me because they were so wrapped up in each other, and rightly so. I hope they do find this picture though, and I hope that they’re as relaxed and happy on their wedding day as they were when I met them this afternoon.