Far away

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

  • I had an awesome day today, one of those days where choosing the final picture of the day was a tough choice. It started with me heading out of the city of Chiang Mai by moped and finding some waterfalls in the jungle. Later on I was riding up Doi Suthep mountain where I eventually came to a small mountainside village.

    I explored the village for a while stopping for a drink at a small shop nestled amongst the narrow lanes that twisted and turned their steep way up the mountain, threading between wooden and mud built homes with corrugated metal roofs.

    As I wandered around I came across two old ladies who were packing away a shop. I stopped for a moment as one of them began talking to me. I had no idea what she was saying, of course, so I just nodded while she smiled and spoke to me. I pointed at my camera and asked if I could take her photograph, she laughed and said something to the other old lady, then stood still for a moment while I took todays shot.

    I saw her a little while later, walking home I assume as the shop was shut. She recognised me, smiled and gave me a small wave before continuing her walk, taking slow paces while looking at her feet.

    On my way down the mountain I visited the Wat Phrathat Buddhist temple where monks were chanting, striking gongs and ringing large bells. I walked around the temple listening to them as the setting sun began to stretch the shadows across the ground. It rather rounded of a day that, in a good way, truly made me feel a long way from home. It was a day that was full of the magic and wonder that drives and inspires me to travel and encounter the world.