Are we there yet?

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

  • I saw this family as I rode into the city this afternoon. It’s a common sight at all around Asia to see families riding one moped. The other day I even saw four teenagers precariously squeezed onto a single moped!

    Today was nearly a disaster for 366pictures. I lost my camera for more than two hours. I was at busy street market looking for a laser (to do some low-budget laser therapy on my injuries sustained in the moped crash) when I put my camera down for a moment to get some change from my pocket. The store keeper then made a little conversation with me, and I forgot to put the camera back in my pocket when I left.

    More than two hours later I was in a cafĂ© when I realised I didn’t have the camera. My heart sank when I realised I had left it at the street market. I made my way back to the market sure that the camera would not be there, but to my complete surprise it was exactly where I had left it. For more than two hours people had either not seen it, or simply ignored it!

    While I am not particularly fond of this particular camera, to say I was happy to find it again, would be a huge understatement.

    Oh and I did indeed find a laser too. A bargain at a mere 80 Baht (that’s about $2).