Moonlight beach

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

  • It’s nearly midnight on Redang Island, twelve miles east of Malaysia’s mainland, in the South China Sea. The waves are lapping the beach as it’s bathed in the silver blue light of the moon that shines bright enough to cast palm tree shadows across the sand. The water is still warm enough to go swimming and there’s nobody around.

    I’ve enjoyed a relaxed day of doing pretty much nothing aside a little reading, email catchup, and a dip in the coral sea that is in front of the beachfront chalet I’m staying in. This tropical Malaysian island lends itself well to the pursuit of relaxation, which is I suppose not really a pursuit at all.

    I took just one picture all day and it wasn’t very good, so tonight I went for a stroll along the beach in search of todays picture. What little clouds there were cleared in the warm still air as I slowly wandered along the beach with my feet in the warm water. At close to midnight todays picture found me.