Fountain of lights

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

  • At Marina Bay Sands each night you catch a unique light and water show that they call ‘Wonder Full.’ I caught the end of it quite by chance this evening and seeing it reminded me that if there is one thing that Singapore does very well, it’s night time!

    A lot of cities of the world look good at night, but Singapore just has something special about it. It’s as if the city finds its mojo under the stars, and maybe that’s not far from the truth. In my experience this is an unusually reserved place where the obedient masses seem somewhat self-concious and almost robotic at times. But after dark the lights come on and the place loosens up a little.

    Maybe it’s a little cheesy, and I’ll concede that when you’re looking a little babies faces projected into mist fountains it does feel a little like a Disney bomb just exploded. However, maybe you have to go a little over the top to balance out those rigid daylight hours?