Dancing in the dark

Monday, April 16th, 2012

  • Sometimes I feel like a kid, I spend time looking at things that I get the feeling other people don’t see or care about. I sometimes look at the busy people and wonder if they ever stop to look around? Could it be possible that seeing the world around you is something akin to a skill that you lose if you don’t take the time to practice?

    Today’s picture might have been more effective if it were a constantly looping video. Maybe then you would be able to fully appreciate the colors of Singapore’s skyline colliding upon the face of the water.

    I stood for a little while watching the rippling city dance in the darkness. Then afterward, as I walked beside the bay snapping pictures that I knew would fall short, I wondered if other people were as mesmerised by this scene as I was.

    Tell me you stop and look at this kind of thing too.

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