Bad food

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

  • I don’t like fast food, so when I travel I’ll seek out the places where the locals eat. That policy has sometimes lead me to some pretty sketchy looking places where the idea of consuming anything has honestly made me nervous. This is one of those places.

    Todays picture features the roadhouse food-court where the buses stop between Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a truly unpleasant place full of flies, bad smells, and passengers who no doubt wished they had packed a snack for the trip.

    Obviously you can’t expect much from somewhere like this, but honestly, this hole of place left me ready to eat a McNasty of some description, or something deep friend in Kentucky!

    I know that I haven’t sampled the best of Malaysian food by any stretch of the imagination. But between this awful place and the food served on Redang Island, I think I might well have tasted the worst!