Saturday morning farmers market

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

  • Saturday morning in Richmond and as usual Gleadell Street is closed off to traffic to make way for the popular farmers market. As usual it’s overflowing with people shopping for fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, herbs, and other gourmet delights.

    Stallholders begin arriving in the early hours to set up their stalls just as they have since the market began back in 1873. In those days it was on Highett Street not to far away from where it is today, but I imagine it wasn’t all that much different to how it is today. Like all farmers markets, this urban setting is a long way from your average fluorescent lit supermarket.

    I wandered up and down the street looking at the stalls and people buzzing around them. The sound of traders shouting the costs of their produce mingled in the air with the ambiance of the crowd and a lone busker playing guitar more for his own enjoyment than anyone else’s.

    It’s moments like this when I wish that I had some kind of high quality recording device that could capture the sound. This scene is hard to capture without the ambiance and I imagined how this would make a good radio story, how it would be interesting to stop a few people and get their stories on this sunny Saturday morning. Maybe that can be a future project.