In the crowd

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

  • At the St Kilda festival a huge crowd of fist bumping, crowd surfing, festival goers dance through the sunset at the beach and into the night as house music is mixed live on stage by DJ duo Miami Horror. I took a bunch of pictures of the crowd and the main stage, many of which were perfect to show the atmosphere of the night, the sunset, and the festival at it’s best. It was a great night, and I felt sure that one of the sunset pictures with the main stage in the foreground would be the picture of the day.

    However, when reviewing the pictures this morning I saw this couple in a blurry shot of the crowd that I was about to delete. To be honest, I had already chosen my picture and I was just clearing up the remaining pictures, discarded the ones I didn’t use in order to save some much needed disk space.

    I have no idea who they are, and at the time I stuck my camera in the air and randomly aimed it back at the crowd I had no idea I was capturing them, and this moment of what looks like sublime romantic exclusion that puts the couple alone in the crowd.