Under the surface

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
  • Lake Wakatipu

    Looking back toward Queenstown from the shores of Lake Wakatipu. This was a lot of fun actually, probably my favourite day so far. I left Paradise, with its sheer rock faces and rolling golden meadows, then headed back along the road beside Lake Wakatipu, stopping frequently to shoot pictures and splash in the shallow water on what was a wonderfully warm summer day.

    There could have been so many pictures for today, but I chose this one because it was a fun experimental picture where I used a zip-lock sandwich bag as an underwater case for my camera which seems to be dying a slow death at the moment anyway.

    From here the road out of Queenstown toward Lake Wanaka via Cardrona was amazing, a real drivers road. It snaked its way up the steep mountain and then swirled around the peaks like a roller-coaster ride. A wonderful newly surfaced open road perfect for my old MG, and not even that bad in my rented camper-van.