Friday, January 6th, 2012
  • Kathie stands by the coffee machine at the Ballroom Cafe in Newton, Wellington, New Zealand.

    This is Kathy Smith. I met her today at the Ballroom Cafe in Newtown, a funky suburb of Wellington. I’d just gotten my New Zealand drivers licence when I saw a sign for coffee pointing to an open door that lead to some stairs. It was begging some investigation, so I bounded up the stairs to be greeted by Kathy.

    She told me that the cafe has been listed as a heritage cafe, and that it used to be a ballroom. Back in its heyday is was apparently the centre of Newtown’s nightlife.

    Kathy is a jolly character who reminded me somewhat of WW2 icon Rosie the Riveter with that red scarf in her hair. She told me how she used to be in the science field but had always dreamed of owning a cafe. Ten years ago that dream became a reality when she became the owner of the Ballroom Cafe.

    I enjoyed chatting with her today and she was happy to pose for the picture when I told her she would be my picture of the day.