Doubtful of the rain

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  • Doubtful Sound
  • I had hoped that the good weather would have stayed for my trip to the fiordland and Doubtful Sound. However, at this time of year storm clouds lurk menacingly around the mouton peaks of New Zealand’s stunning west coast like gangs of teenagers on street corners.

    In the end, after something of a storm whipped start, the day on Doubtful Sound ended up being quite pleasant. Sure, it wasn’t picture postcard, but I actually enjoyed seeing the clouds snake their way around the mountains and the rain swelled waterfalls flying out into the open air off the sheer faces of the eerie looking peaks.

    It was a beautiful landscape that had an almost mythic feel to it. I’d like to come back one day and see it again in the sun, but I rather enjoyed the weather today, and ironically enough, I was doubtful that I would.

  • 6 comments on “Doubtful of the rain

      • Well, as it happens Susan, the lack of internet over the last couple of days meant that this picture was indeed your background for a couple of days 🙂

        I hope you enjoy the pictures from the last two days also.

      • Well Sam, I was prepared for rain here. Visiting Southern New Zealand, even in the summer is like going to north Scotland. You never really know what the weather will throw at you. Case in point: Today we got snow!

    1. Milford will always remind me when my uncle,aunt and I had to spend a night in the car because he forgot to make room reservation ! and we could not drive down as there was not enough of fuel ! why ? he forgot his cc pin number !! what a night ! but we survived the cold night !!

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