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  • As you might expect, I’ve eaten a lot of unfamiliar things on my travels. Tonight I enjoyed a plate of roasted duck heads. This is a Chinese dish that requires a little work to enjoy. There’s not really much meat on a duck’s head, but that’s not what you’re eating here. Instead you’re looking for the brain!

    The heads have been cut almost completely in half, right down the middle of the skull. Using your fingers you have to pick up the duck’s head and scoop out its brains. It may sound pretty awful, but if cooked correctly it’s actually pretty good. Bird brains have a flavor very similar to their livers which are regarded as a luxury food product. The first time I had duck brain, it did indeed remind me of Foie gras.

    In the gastronomic history of China, duck’s brain was once considered a delicacy, something a host might offer the most honoured guest at a dinner. These days, however, duck heads are a relatively common snack in many parts of China where they are typically stir-fried with added herbs and spices.

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  • 2 comments on “Dinner looks good

    1. Have never had duck brains before but did try calf brains once prepared in a good French kitchen . I’m very adventuresome when it comes to food but I couldn’t get past the texture. Sort of like custard. Ugghh. I’ll try almost anything once but probably wouldn’t go looking for cow brains again

      • Yeah I saw some pig brains in a butcher this evening. That custard texture is indeed the thing that puts a lot of people off. I just watched Anthony Bordain eat a blood and brain soup in Thailand that looked awful but was apparently amazing. Makes me want to jump on a plane and go to Thailand, and I am totally not kidding! 🙂

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