Purple haze

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  • This is Professor Anton Kippenberg. I know what you’re thinking, there’s a mixup here right? After all, today’s picture shows flowers, not some European Professor, right? That’s true, but this isn’t a mixup. Professor Anton Kippenberg is a apparently a bushy flowering plant that flowers in late summer.

    I tried to find out why this plant has such a odd name. I assumed it’s because it was discovered by a Professor Anton Kippenberg. However, I can’t find any information to verify this.

    In fact, the only mentions I can find about anyone called Anton Kippenberg seem to relate to a Doctor Anton Kippenberg, who published books like ‘Les bons propos des religieuses de Poissy’ written by Contes Drôlatiques in 1837. That book tells the story of a convent famous for the nuns’ sexual perversions and their hazing initiations of novices into the sisterhood!

    Could the dirty doctor and the flower professor be the same person? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, when I took this picture I would never have guessed that it would end up being connected to deviant nuns!

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  • One comment on “Purple haze

    1. This looks like an aster species. I see a lot of these in while colors before being combined with gorgeous flower arrangements in a hotel for different events. Asteraceae species (if i am not mistaken)

      when i was a student i helped my mother every week end selling flowers like these specially before and during he halloween season. I remember somebody has taken one big bunch of the flowers (i cried thinking of a way to recover) but fortunately.. i got more that what was lost.

      I love the white colors of these flowers but visions of violets and other colors are also breathtaking! I would be glad to receive bunch of these haha with the lovely roses for the Valentines Day!

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