The blue door

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  • Who emerges from a mysterious door like this? My imagination starts to wonder, to compile a list of possibilities, all of them based in fiction as for this door I have no facts.

    With the alleyway disappearing in two directions, I can’t help but wonder if this is perhaps the backdoor through which someone my slip the notice of others. Or maybe it hides the seedy secrets of licentious liaisons.

    It could, of course, just be a boring blue door with no story to tell, but where’s the fun in imagining that?

    Look down this laneway (from the other angle) using Google street view.

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  • One comment on “The blue door

    1. Oh I think it must be a quiet little back door escape exit. For the illicit lovers, for the family members to slip off for rendezvous, or just the staff to discretely leave with harmful evidence 😉

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