Shady character

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  • Simon Jones : 366 Pictures
  • I take a lot of pictures for this project and spend my days looking at absolutely everything. I don’t always take the same path to and from familiar locations, instead choosing to take unfamiliar routes in search of something previously unseen.

    There are days when my choices for the ‘picture of the day’ are a plentiful and often difficult. Then there are days when finding a picture is hard. Sometimes I’ll return to a location of a picture I’ve taken before but not used. In fact, I might do that several times, and even then I may never publish the picture.

    This is a rewarding project, but at times its a challenge too. I’ve been behind with publishing the pictures and stories nearly the entire year. That’s down to the fact that researching and writing the stories behind the photograph can take a lot of time, not to mention that travel and going in search of pictures is time consuming too.

    I’m probably needlessly strict with myself, after all how would you know if today’s picture was actually taken yesterday, or last week. And lets be honest, you probably wouldn’t care anyway. But I’ve set these strict rules for this project, and for reasons that confound some people, these are probably the only rules I don’t bend.

    So today’s picture is another selfie of sorts. I was taking a photograph when I saw my shadow on the wall next to me. This pose sums up my year as much as the pictures themselves do. So in a ‘moment of me’ I decided to photograph myself, the photographer, as the subjects of my pictures would see me.

    Your comments, emails, facebook likes, and messages encourage me to keep taking pictures and writing stories (albeit full of grammar errors), so please keep them coming. Like 366 Pictures on Facebook, leave comments, send me email, tweet me, whatever works. I always enjoy hearing from you, so feel free just to say “Hi” if you’re out there and you’re tuned in!

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