Fifty shades of grey

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  • Ugly brum
  • Today, I was in Birmingham, then I left. THE END.

    Okay, I suppose I should at least tell you that today’s picture was taken outside New Street Train station as I hurried to catch a train leaving the city. Really, I just wanted to get out of the way of all the people in high-visability vests and hard hats who are, apparently, still building Britain’s second city. They’ve been constructing it since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century and hope to finish it soon.

    While it’s not known as a tourist hotspot for visitors to the UK, fans of the color grey flock to Birmingham every year to marvel at the city’s ingenious and innovative uses of the cruely dismissed color. The beauty of Birmingham is especially apparent on wet and dreary days when the full range of greys across the city can really be enjoyed in their full lustre.

    So why not visit Birmingham, grab yourself a famous Birmingham flavored ice-cream, and stroll around the city ticking off the shades of grey as you go.

    Stand here using Google street view (but please wear your hard and high-viz vest hat at all times.

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